In addition to our valuation services in non-adversarial assignments, Parker Benjamin has a significant analytical practice in litigation support.  These assignments are typically in the areas of breach of contractual obligations, intellectual property impairment, shareholder disputes, and divorces where a family/closely held business represents a significant portion of marital assets.  Parker Benjamin works closely with attorneys and their clients to ensure that unique facts and circumstances of the case are clearly delineated in the report.  The underlying principle of our litigation services is credibility.  Although the ability to withstand a court environment is paramount, most disputes are settled through the process of dispute resolution.  This alternative generally involves use of a neutral party as a catalyst.  In this environment, a credible valuation defended by understandable logic and the ability to communicate to third parties not versed in the esoteric analytical techniques is the winning combination.  Not only does one need the ability to clearly explain their analysis, they must have the expertise to demonstrate the flaws in opposing counsel’s expert’s reports.  Clarity of thought and logical appeal to business common sense usually carry the day.  In the court room, the best validation of a valuation expert’s credibility is the frequency of questions from the bench.  We are often called upon by judges for additional input.  Our relationship with our client and a clear, well-documented report and defense have built our track record of success in adversarial assignments.

Mr. Ruby has qualified as an expert on business valuations in Hartford Federal Court, Hartford Superior Court, New Haven Superior Court, New Haven Federal Court, Waterbury Superior Court, Litchfield Superior Court, Milford Superior Court, New Britain Superior Court, Danbury Superior Court, U.S. Bankruptcy Court (Southern District of New York), & the American Arbitration Association.  He has also been qualified to perform business valuations for the IRS and FDIC. 

Parker Benjamin is glad to provide a confidential, preliminary review of a case without charge to determine if our services are appropriate.