For sellers of privately held businesses or corporations seeking to divest a subsidiary,
division or product line, our assignment typically involves:

  • Preparation of a private sale memorandum
  • Determination of the value of the business
  • Proposing an asking price and deal structure
  • Identifying and contacting potential buyers
  • Development of a negotiating strategy
  • Evaluation of alternative deal structures
  • Participation/leading negotiations
  • Following through to a closing

Particular emphasis is placed on developing a highly effective private sale memorandum. We will add value to the business through appropriate adjustments to the presentation of financial performance. Strengths are clearly identified and obvious weaknesses addressed. Merely accomplishing the sale, however, is not enough. It must be done at the highest price justified by past results and future expectations, and in a timely fashion with minimum disruption to the ongoing operation.

Parker Benjamin’s client advocate role in negotiations allows the client to pursue aggressive strategies while nurturing a positive relationship. We take responsibility for proposing potentially controversial issues and creating a competitive environment. Meanwhile, our client focuses on building a rapport with the buyer/seller.

When representing buyers, we perform a systematic search for companies that meet established criteria and contact these candidates without initially disclosing our client’s identity. Parker Benjamin has developed a highly successful methodology to discover companies that were not otherwise “for sale.”